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    Takeoff: Hold up, I got it. Rich the Kid: What? Takeoff: [takes off sunglasses] A song about crypto.

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    Rich the Kid: [takes off sunglasses, too] Genius. Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. I know, I know—Rich the Kid and Takeoff do not exactly represent the artistic or moral center of rap. None of them even use their crypto references in an interesting way.

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    That said, his tales of cracking credit cards and Tranzacționând cripto dublu pitchfork fraud were so much more colorful than the bland crypto moodboard poetry on display here. The top five beats by Atlanta underground workhorse SenseiATL Recently I fell into a wormhole of productions by SenseiATL, who has a catalog that ranges from hardened ATL trap to soft pluggnb, with most of his instrumentals exploring the space in between those poles.

    Authentic Goods, the tape he produced for Tony Shhnow, sounds nothing like the instrumentals he was making early on. These are mostly incredibly soulful, with a Quiet Storm smoothness, and cleanly sputtering drums.

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    Mercury raps her words so lethargically that the song feels about twice as long as its two-and-a-half minutes. Each drug-dealing tale drips with desperate sweat. AK Bandamont usually screams his punchlines over fast-paced, Michigan-style beats that raise your heart rate like a triple shot of espresso.

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    Compared to his previous songs, this is easy listening.